Seller FAQs

How does SHREDshared work?

It’s unbelievably easy.

1. Create your profile.
2. Upload your plans and regimens.
3. Give title, description and price for each.
4. Get paid!

How do I become a Seller?

Just click “Become a Seller” on the homepage. From there, you can complete your Seller Profile. The last step is connecting your Stripe or PayPal account.

What can I sell?

Any regimen or plan related to fitness, nutrition, sports, health and wellness. It’s that easy.

Can I offer custom regimens?

Yes! When listing a regimen or plan, just click the checkbox that says, “This is regimen is customizable.” You will have to assign a price for customizing the document. This means if a buyer wants to have the document custom tailored to their needs there will be an up-charge for the price of your choosing.
If you do create a custom document, it can be sent through the chat system or other channels of your choosing.

What can’t I sell?

You can’t sell things that you are not personal authorized to. You must be in accordance with the laws of state and federal government in the information you are providing. This could mean certifications, licenses, degrees and/or permits. This is all dependent on the information you are providing.

Plagiarized information or selling under someone else’s name, company or persona is not permitted on the site. Any instances of this will result in account termination.

How will I know when someone orders?

You will receive notifications on-site and in your emails for all SHREDshared activity. For new messages, reviews, orders, etc. Just to be safe, check to see that your emails are going to your inbox and not “spam” or “junk” folders.

Do I need to be licensed / certified?

We highly recommend getting an insurance policy for the plans, regimens, and/or services you provide. Be sure to be following your state’s guidelines in regard to what you’re allowed to offer.

How do I get paid for my services?

When a client or customer purchases your service, a conversation starts to arrange scheduling and to cover any necessary details. When you complete the service, you can click “Mark as Complete” in your messages regarding the order. The transfer takes 48 hours from the time you complete the service.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

As a seller on SHREDshared it is your responsibility to collect and pay sales tax if it is applicable in your state. Always be sure to ask your CPA or tax professional for more information.

Do I need to pay taxes on my earnings?

You don’t have to establish a business entity. However, you do have to pay taxes as a Self-Employed person. The good news is that you’re only paying taxes on your net income. This is another thing to let a CPA or tax professional help with to guide you in the right direction.

Remember, in creating these plans and regimens, you might have a lot of tax-deductible expenses to write-off. The software you’re using for images, word processing, internet service provider, cell phone provider, magazine publications, nutrition or training certifications, trainer’s insurance, among other things that may be tax deductible.
For the best information, straight from the horse’s mouth, go here:

Self Employed / Small Business
Estimated Taxes

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Buyer FAQs

How does SHREDshared work?

1. Search for the plan or regimen that fits what you’re looking for
2. If you don’t have any questions for the seller, just purchase through PayPal!

Need the plan customized for you?

Click “Customize” above the purchase button. After purchasing the plan at the customized price, you will be able to message the seller with the specific information necessary to create your plan! Keep in mind, the custom plans can take time to write. If a time-frame is not listed, be sure to ask the seller by sending a message.

How do I leave a review?
After purchasing you can go to “Your Purchases” in the dropdown menu that shows your profile picture. “Your Purchases” can also be found from the dashboard. When you get to that page, simply click on the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” button. From here you can choose to right a review of your purchase.

Reviews can also be left on plan/regimen listing directly by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Leave a Review.” The sellers really appreciate when you leave a review, as well as others looking to potentially purchase the same regimen!

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for?

You can try using a different search term or ask one of the sellers in a direct message if they would develop the plan for you. Still no luck, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to put your in contact with the right person for your goals.

How will I know when a seller responds?

You will receive notifications on-site and in your email for all SHREDshared activity (new messages, reviews, orders, etc.) Just to be safe, check to see that your emails are going to your inbox and not a “spam” or “junk” folder.

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