Online Coaching 101

  by: Anthony Kohanski  

Online coaching has almost become a mandatory practice in the fitness world. There are countless reasons as to why trainers and other fitness professionals take to the internet. Not enough clients. Too many clients. You're introverted. Want another revenue stream. The list goes on.

Everyone has their own reason, but I'm more concerned with the "why not."

More benefits than you might realize...

Everybody has that friend that is lucky to work from home. Make their own hours. Work when they feel like it. Send emails in their underwear while drinking coffee.Guess what? As on online fitness coach, you're doing the same thing. You've got a list of things to do and a very loose timeframe to do them. Working at an office, in a gym or whatever place of employment, doesn't offer the same luxury.

Not only are you working from home, but you've got the freedom to uniquely express yourself as a fitness professional. Working for a gym has some benefits, but unfortunately you're always playing by their rules and staying within the guidelines of their box. With an online pressence, you're able to share your methods, principles, style, and beliefs. These are all great points for adding online coaching to your fitness outlets, but the next can come as a shock.

You can replicate your "product" infinitely.

Think about your last personal training session. You may have earned somewhere in the ballpark of $20-60 for 30-60 minutes with a client. But after that session it's over you can't sell it again. It's over. But what can you sell infinitely?

Imagine this: You spend 3-4 hours, or even a bit more, writing up a comprehensive, 12 week training and nutrition regimen that any beginner to intermediate level gym-goer can use. Then you post you post your regimen online for $10 and you even offer a custom-tailored version for $65. Over the course of a year, your regimen has sold 43 times and has been sold with the "custom" option 9 times. The math works out to $1,015... for a regimen that you spent a few hours on... in your spare time. This is only one regimen! Imagine if you were uploading many different options. "Ketosis Dieting by Joe" or "Abs in 45 Days."

Where to start: